Parents should note that Summit Academy offers an academically challenging program specifically designed to ensure that our students have a smooth transition into the secondary schools of their choice. Our program, when pooled with an expansive base of elementary experiences and an encouraging environment, makes for a rich school experience. The school is therefore, unable to accommodate students in the elementary school who demonstrate severe grade level deficiencies or behavioral/emotional problems.

Embracing and encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion, Summit Academy admits students of any race, religion, color and national or ethnic origin.

Admissions Steps

  • Parents should make an appointment to tour the school and to meet with the principal or admissions officer. Make A Tour Appointment.
  • Submit the enrollment application form to the school along with the non-refundable $250.00 application/testing fee. The form may be submitted electronically.
  • Reserve a testing date with the school for the applicant’s assessment. An entrance examination is given to all students applying for K5 through Grade 6. Please note that assessments may be given electronically. Students are assessed in mathematics (computation & math concepts/ applications),reading comprehension, grammar, and creative writing. A minimum score of 75% is expected on all portions of the assessments.
  • Preschool applicants are invited to visit the school for a brief observation.
  • An admission decision will be given within 72 hours. Please note that in some cases, applicants may be wait-listed if there are no seats available in the appropriate grade level.

Grade Level Age Requirements

  • K2 students should be 2 years old by Sept.1st
  • K3 should be 3 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Pre-K (K4) students should be 4 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Kindergarten (K5) students should be 5 years old by Sept. 1st
  • Grade 1students should be 6 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Grade 2 students should be 7 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Grade 3 students should be 8 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Grade 4 students should be 9 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Grade 5 students should be 10 years old by Sept.1st.
  • Grade 6 students should be 11 years old by Sept.1st.

In cases where students are transferring from schools that use a different grade level/age requirement, the principal will meet with the parents to determine the most appropriate grade level placement.

An application should only be returned with the following items attached:

  • A copy of the child’s passport/birth certificate (required for proof of age)
  • Application/Testing Fee
  • Copies of the child’s previous report cards
  • Copy of the child’s NIB card
  • Copies of any evaluations the student may have received (e.g. psycho-educational, speech, hearing, etc.)
  • School recommendation form from the child’s former teacher/principal.
  • Financial clearance form from previous school

Upon Acceptance

  • Receipt of the non-refundable seat fee is required to reserve a seat for the upcoming term.
  • The balance of the tuition must be paid by the due date.
  • Parents should also ensure that the student’s medical report is forwarded to the school before the first day of school.