The Smaller, Smarter School

Summit Academy, The Bahamas’ “Smaller, Smarter School” is a private school that offers a program of academic excellence to students in preschool through middle school. We are pleased to have a diverse student enrollment comprised of both Bahamian and international students. Summit Academy is a school where a student’s innate desire to learn is nurtured in a way that makes the educational experience not only interesting but exciting!

At Summit Academy, we develop the whole child. We are just as committed to developing your child morally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually as we are their academic talents.

We expect that our students will develop into socially responsible, well-disciplined citizens. It is our hope that by helping in the evolution of our students into well-rounded, compassionate and socially-conscious citizens, they will make a positive difference in our country and ultimately the world. Many of our students, despite their tender years, are already making a positive impact by undertaking worthy humanitarian causes, such as conducting fundraisers for childhood cancer research and donating money to orphanages throughout the country. As they learn about the debilitating effects of certain illnesses through our science curriculum, for example, they become driven in many cases to assist the sick and suffering. We have therefore seen thoughtful students raise a significant amount of money to go towards funding research into possible cures for childhood cancers. Indeed, we teach our students that with education comes a responsibility to make a difference, especially in the lives of those less fortunate than they are.

beautiful-campusAt Summit, we have created a multi-cultural, non-denominational, Christian-values based environment that teaches children to respect themselves and the differences of others. We are proud to be a“Bully-Free Zone”.

Summit Academy inarguably boasts one of the most beautiful school settings in the country. The school is located on beautiful Lake Waterloo, a hidden treasure on the island of New Providence. This serene environment creates a one of kind atmosphere for our students to learn in.

Our Philosophy

Summit Academy is much more than a school based on Christian principles. We inspire our students to reach their full potential through providing a safe, nurturing, intellectually stimulating environment. We believe that if we affirm and nurture our students’ natural curiosity, they will develop a genuine love of learning. We recognize each student as a unique individual with his/her own strengths and challenges. Through a student-centered approach, we aim to develop internationally-minded students with “grit” and a strong moral compass. We believe that building a strong partnership, above all else, with our parents is paramount to the success of every child in our smaller, smarter school. Our Christian-based learning environment embraces diversity and celebrates differences.

Our Faculty

The students at Summit Academy are taught by a cadre of well-trained, experienced educators. When coupled with strong parental support, our students often experience a high level of academic success.

Class Size

Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 17 students, as we are committed to offering a nurturing environment designed to optimize the learning potential of each student.